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Pubg Mobile Unban Date in India | Unban Details and News

PUBG Corp or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Corporation has been going through a tumultuous time as the game is banned in the South Asian country, India. For quite some time, the developer, Tencent has been formulating ways by which it can reverse the countrywide ban across Pan America.

Pubg Mobile Unban Date in India | Unban Details and News

There are several reports which are circulating across the country regarding PUBG’s unban stance in India, they suggest that PUBG Corp is currently looking for a distributor in India to re-release the most-celebrated Battle Royale game in existence. If recent reports are to be believed, the day before Tencent Games will be handing over the license of the game to a firm in South Korea.

Pubg Mobile Unban Date in India | Unban Details and News

The gaming community in India is in the ruins since PUBG was banned in India. In the midst of crisis, PUBG Corp came up with an official statement the day before indicating that it will pull off all of the publishing responsibilities with is associated with Tencent, a Chinese firm which has been operating in Pan India.

The notable gaming company has revealed that PUBG Corporation does understand and at the same time respects the measures which are provided by the Indian government as security and privacy of the data of the players, which is the foremost priority of the company. The company hopes in cooperating with the principles of the government for finding a solution which would allow gamers to get into battlegrounds without compliant with regulations and Indian laws.

Pubg Mobile Unban Date in India | Unban Details and News

The Indian government has reportedly banned around 118 apps which have originated from China due to the surveillance, security, & data privacy. The data compilation alongside the profiling & mining by the hostile elements to the national security and defence of India. By the looks of it, it is a matter of immediate concern that requires exponential measure.

PUBG Corporation has made it very clear that the decision doesn’t authorize the franchise of PUBG Mobile to Tencent Games across in India. Further, PUBG Corp decides to procure all of the publishing responsibilities right in the country. At the same time, the company is exploring a way for providing quite a significant PUBG experience in the foreseeable future in India. In addition to this, the company is committed to sustaining a very healthy and local gameplay environment for the longtime fans in the country.

It is important to note that PUBG is the intellectual property which is developed and owned by South Korean company, PUBG Corp.

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