PUBG Mobile India Release Date : PUBGM Gets Green Signal from Government

PUBG Mobile India Release Date: PlayerUnknown Battleground is a multiplayer warfare royale game popularly known as PUBG. It is a South Korean-based game that a 2000 Japanese game has consequently inspired. The game has been a global hit, and why not? With the lockdown fueling its popularity, it became a game present in almost every android in India.

The game involves 100 parachute players stranded on an island, scavenging for weapons and devices to eliminate others while defending themselves.

There are safe zones and danger zones on the island; with each crossing level, the safe zone area goes on depleting, and the danger zones increase, making the players go crazy while forcing them into restricted areas to counter themselves. The last surviving player wins.

PUBG Mobile India Release Date

Getting Banned:

Since the game is highly addictive and, if we believe the scientific sources, has a high dopamine release, making it harmful for the young generation, many countries have allegedly accused PUBG of causing distraction among the kids banned it. Unluckily the Indian fans were disappointed, too, as it got here prohibited.

Since then, the fans have been searching for alternatives recklessly. Though the PUBG Mobile Corp has been waiting desperately to make a comeback in India, it has failed since the Chinese Tencent presence has been bothering the government due to political tensions.

PUBG India: Green Signal from the Government:

All the gaming geeks and pro-PUBG enthusiasts cannot be more than happy right now since the game got banned last year in September. A PUBG content creator is all set to launch PUBG Mobile India, an Indian iteration of the popular-hip game.

And since our Prime-minister has been encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit via the Make In India ideology, there is a 100% surety that it is deemed to get a green signal from the government.

Though there hasn’t been an official declaration yet regarding its release and applicable dates, the news of an Indian version of PUBG has been spreading like wildfire. Since the announcement of the Indian version in November last year, they have been struggling to get a meeting with the government for the official date of release for the game, so patience is the key here, and the wait shall be worth it.


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