‘One Piece’ Chapter 991: Spoilers & Predictions

One-piece released Chapter 991 and everyone is very excited to find out what is going to happen in this chapter of One Piece. There is still some time before the release of One Piece Chapter 991.

'One Piece' Chapter 991: Spoilers & Predictions

Chapter 990: A Lone Force One Piece Recap

In the last chapter of one piece ‘A Lone Force’ Lola and chiffon agreed to have their dad be on the ship. Sasaki gets free and has information about the real identity of Kyoshiro. Sasaki is annoyed by the fact that he has the information of Kyoshiro who is a betrayer. Mink fights against Jack in which he is severely bruised by minks.

Kinemon attacks Jack and in the process gets attacked by Inu and Neko. It was disclosed by Hawkins that there is only a chance of 1% that men will survive which disappoints X-Drake. A huge army of 50,000 is brought to Onigashima.

Predictions & Spoilers of Chapter 991 One Piece

  • Will Drake take the right decision of returning back to the marines?
  • The reaction of Drake was a symbol of the arrival of marines and that they surrounded the waters around Onagashima.
  • The reason for Marco’s being back is not to interrogate shadow.
  • Things might get worse after the arrival of marines around the waters of Onagashima.
  • There is a possibility that Lucy is going to save Drake’s life from Who’s who and the queen.
  • King will be taken over by Sanji.
  • Lucy will be attacked by the Queen and will be interpreted by Zoro.
  • Jack will be fought by Inu and Neko.

Release Date of Chapter 991 One Piece

It is speculated that there is going to be a break after the release of Chapter 991 which is scheduled to release on September 27, 2020. In two weeks Chapter 991 of One piece will be premièred.

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