Netflix Bonding Season 2- Release Date, Cast Plot, Trailer – Everything You Need To Know

Netflix is releasing season 2 of the series ‘Bonding’. Earlier season 2 was about to be released in January 2020 but now it will be released in January 2021.

‘Bonding’ is a story of a dominant and her gay assistant. The story of ‘Bonding’ is set in New York City. The story is based on the personal experiences of Rightor Doyle who is the creator of the show. Rightor was a bodyguard himself of his dominant female friend. This incident inspired him to create this dark comedy ‘Bonding’.

Netflix Bonding Season 2- Release Date, Cast Plot, Trailer - Everything You Need To Know

The show has been praised by some viewers while according to some members of the BDSM community the show ‘Bonding’ lacks authenticity.

The first season of ‘Bonding’ was released on April 24. The management usually takes a month to decide if the series will be renewed or not. But it was quite sure from there that the series will soon be renewed.

‘Bonding’ Season 2 Release Date

The show only has a total of seven episodes and the duration of each episode is about 15 minutes. If the show will be renewed we can expect season 2 to be released by the end of the year.

‘Bonding’ Season 2 Cast Members

  • Tiff played by Zoe Levin
  • Pete played by Brendan Scannell
  • Kate played by Stephanie Styles
  • Josh played by Theo Stockman
  • Daphne played by D’Arcy Carden
  • Doug played by Micah Stock

The rest of the cast is also expected to return like Frank played by Alex Hurt, Andy played by Eric Berryman, Chelsea played by Amy Bettina, Trevor played by Stephen Reich, Fred played by Charles Gould, and Portia played by Gabrielle Ryan.

‘Bonding’ Season 2 Trailer

The trailer is not released yet. We will keep you updated.

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