NCIS Season 18 Episode 12: What Is The Hype All About? Another Hiatus On The Horizon?

If you are not aware that we are already at the end of season 18, episode 11 of NCIS, another hiatus is expected by many viewers in the upcoming episode 12.

After going through many scheduled listings, it can be concluded that it is highly probable. After “Get Punch” is aired on April 6, another hiatus can be expected in the following week. However, there is no episode scheduled yet for April 13. Why such a long break again? It is to ensure that NCIS stretches out their season 18 as long as possible to keep the viewers interested.

We have recently come up with the news that the Mark Harmon series will be concluding late in May, which implies that there would be many episodes still to be released. There would be a maximum of 16 episodes this season, and CBS would be spacing out on these installments for quite a long time.

The only way one can tolerate these long delays is to know what is coming in soon! The arc for Jethro Gibb is one of the fascinating reasons for such a long break. The show shows that he is away on his job, but what will he be doing with his time? Will there be a worthy story alongside Pam Dawber’s journalist character of Marcie? However, we know that she would be around for the upcoming four episodes, which will be aired soon!

NCIS Season 18

When Does NCIS Return?

NCIS returns on April 6. But the return would be unique. Mark Harmon‘s real-life wife Pam Dawber will guest star as investigative journalist Marcie Warren on the “Gut Punch” episode. Rocky Caroll directs this episode.

What Has Led To The Sudden Halt Of The Show?

The viewers were quite shocked when they heard Jimmy (Brian Dietzen) reveal that he was a solo parent because his wife Breena (Michelle Pierce) had died amongst the COVID-19 pandemic of the past year. He didn’t mention how his wife died, but he did say that he wasn’t allowed inside the hospital to see her due to the COVID-19 safety regulations.

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