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Netflix is known for its intense true-crime documentaries. From 2015s ‘Making a Murderer’, which covered the trial and imprisonment of Steven Avery, to ‘The Son of Sam’, which takes a look at the infamous serial killer.

These shows often go into the depth of tragic events and offer audiences a detailed view of the various mechanisms of police procedures and sometimes even the immediate aftermath of these disastrous events. The latest show in this genre is titled ‘Nail Bomber: Manhunt’

Nail Bomber: Manhunt Details

The show covers the London bombings of 1999. Between 17 and 30th, April 1999 homemade nail bombs were detonated in Brixton, Soho, and Spitalfields. The explosions killed three people and wounded 140 others. The police soon apprehended twenty-two-year-old David Copeland, who confessed to the crimes.

Nail Bomber: Manhunt

Copeland was soon revealed to be a neo-nazi militant with ties to the British National Party. His motives behind the killings were to incite racial and communal hatred as he had targeted locations predominantly occupied by ethnic minorities and the LGBT community.

Daniel Vernon, who has directed the show, has stated that “History, particularly history within living memory, is an important thing to record and to interrogate while that’s still the case.” The show aims to do just that by interviewing survivors of the attacks and far-right experts, one of whom has actually spent time undercover among the British National Party.

Nail Bomber: Manhunt Release Date

The show is officially set to air on Wednesday, May 26th, and is expected to be ready to stream from 12 AM PDT worldwide.

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