MTV Roadies Revolution Voting Update: Apoorva Arushi wins the winner of Vote Out, Elimination Result, & Task Team Members

MTV Roadies Revolutions is all set to return this week on Saturday with an extravagantly gripping episode. By the looks of it, Roadies Revolutions’ 21st episode is all set to feature an entertaining task that will have a mind-boggling twist. The previous vote out episode concluded with a definitive cliffhanger that will answer several questions. Note that Arushi and Apoorva are already eliminated from the show in the first 20 days since the premiere.

MTV Roadies Revolution Voting Update: Apoorva Arushi wins the winner of Vote Out, Elimination Result, & Task Team Members

Ranvijay one of the judges of the show said to the contestants that the forthcoming episode will feature a task that would further decide who will be eliminated from the show.

Roadies Revolution 21st Episode Task Highlights

The highlight of the task in the 21st Episode of Roadies Revolution was that the episode will showcase the much-awaited rivalry that fans of the show are keen to see. This episode will declare war with Arushi and Apoorva as they have the last chance for proving their hunger and might for securing a win. Sources, also suggest that this overdue feminine rivalry will reach a breaking point as the most-ever suspense task will soon showcase on fans’ TV Screens.

As per sources, Team Arushi and Team Apoorva are all set to compete against each other. This also suggests that the most accomplished team with better performance will win. In addition to this, this task would also decide who among Apoorva and Arushi will be safe to continue their journey in Roadies Revolution.

Let’s take a look at the team members:

Team A– Team Arushi

  • Prakhar Narayan
  • Arushi Chawla
  • Poonam Shah

Team B – Team Apoorva

  • Taniya Hussain
  • Apoorva Gole
  • Bhavish Madhan

Result of the much-awaited Task

The most crucial twist in the forthcoming task is the role of the two fierce competitors. According to the episode, the gang leaders can make use of one star to protect a contestant from being eliminated from the show.

So far, the task is fought intensely as the bitter rivalry between Apoorva and Arushi is based upon who is a better roadie than the other. There is a significant pressure among both the contestants as this is the battle of their survival.

As per sources, Arushi proved her stance in the recent season of Roadies by winning the task and defeating Apoorva. This led to the point where Apoorva is on the verge of being eliminated from the show. Sources, also suggest that one of the leaders of the gang would use the star for saving Apoorva.

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