Lucifer Season 6 Release Date Details, Renewal, Plot Details and Cast

Lucifer, the modern devil on earth, where his hell resides, is back to conquer his last battle finally. The conceptual high that this series gave its fans is something unmatched. With Lucifer season 6, the fans will have to say goodbye to this matchless fantasy-based thriller.

Lucifer Season 6 Release Details

The beloved Netflix series is all prepped to conclude with a sixth and final season. The Lucifer Season 5 B is about to air on Netflix in late May. Once it ends, the makers will release more details about the last season, Lucifer season 6. Lucifer season 6 will be released in late 2021. The confirmed release date hasn’t been out yet.

Lucifer Season 6 Renewal

The Lucifer Season 6 renewal is a big story in itself. After the declaration for Lucifer Season 5 B, fans were happy and disappointed at the same time. The disappointment of fans is because initially, Lucifer Season 5 B was supposed to be the final season, not until the campaigns, and over 100k petitions filed by fans requesting the sixth season.

Later in March 2020, the makers confirmed the sixth season with Tom Ellis starring as the devil himself. Then in June, Lucifer Season 6 got an official renewal.

Lucifer Season 6 Release Date

Lucifer Season 6 Plot Details

There were rumors there if season 6 will be a continuation plot or a different angle framed in terms of plot. Answering the words, the maker Joe Henderson made it clear that the story will continue the series earlier.

Lucifer Season 6 Cast

The cast of Lucifer Season 6 comprises Tom Elis, playing the devil Lucifer, Lauren German playing Chloe, Lesley Ann Brandt as Maze, Rachael Harris as Linda Martin, Aimee Garcia as Ella Lopez, Kevin Alejandro as Dan Espinoza, Scarlett Estevez as Trixie Espinoza, and D.B. Woodside as Amenadiel.

New arrivals for Lucifer Season 6 will be Scott Porter, Chris Coy, Rob Zabrecky, Merrin Dungey, Brianna Hildebrand, and Mandy June Turpin.


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