Line of Duty Season 6 Episode 3 Preview: Things Are Going To Get Exciting

Here’s good news for all Line of Duty fans. Season 6 Episode 3 of the popular series is all set to arrive in the upcoming week. We have already guessed some of the fascinating teases of the series.

The highlight of the episode will be to crack who will be with whose side. Kate considers herself precisely in this situation. On the contrary, Jo Davidson is quite ahead because of her figuring out what she would do next in the murder inquiry.

Line of Duty Season 6 Episode 3 Preview: Things Are Going To Get Exciting

Line Of Duty Season 6 Episode 3: Preview

The season is more interesting to watch because it gives its audiences two distinct flows without much hint about which direction it will transit. It raises a question in viewers’ minds that Jo will proceed with doing things in her way, or AC 12 will get the upper hand by better dealing with things.

If you want to know ode 3 completely, then here’s a summary of the episode below:
Based on proof from an observer, Jo Davidson brings Terry Boyle to question about the murder of Gail Vella. Kate, as usual, is in a middle path because of her loyalty to Jo and desire to help AC 12’s investigation. Further suspense adds up when Kate meets someone from the past, which connects with the crime.

Things To Get On Edge Going Forward

By the end of this episode, we can guess the amount of trouble that Davidson is facing. Since the season will have only seven episodes, it’s evident that the plot will be quick. There can be more suspense and unexpected twists coming the way. But by the general pattern of this year’s long show, we can expect a more stable policy approach.

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