‘Kingdom’ Season 3: Special Episode Release Date Announced

Picking up right where we left off last season, Kingdom Season 2 is all Action-packed, rip-roaring, and visually titillating. Netflix’s first Korean series Kingdom that debuted last year in January, is simply fantastic and has quickly gained a lot of craze among the binge-watchers.

Although there is no confirmation from either the writers or Netflix about the return of this phenomenal show for season three, their fans can rejoice as a one-hour special episode “Ashin of North” is scheduled to be premiered in July 2021.

Loosely based on the webcomic series by Kim Eun-hee and drawn by Yang Kyung-il. Netflix’s Kingdome Story revolves around Korea’s Historical Joseon’s the 16th century, where the Kingdom is lost to corruption, thirst for more power, and a plague turning everyone into zombies.

‘Kingdom’ Season 3

What can we expect from season 3, and when is it Returning?

With the Resurrection plant growing all over Korea and the hunt for the mysterious seller who has been selling it to the people from the Chinese/Korean border has led to a widespread investigation in Korea.

While taking their investigation further, it was finally revealed by one of the peasants that the resurrection plant was being sold between the China – Korea border and that the plague was being spread by a woman who could also be working with the Ming Dynasty.

With the help of Seobi and his guard, Prince Chang found an abandoned village; with further investigation, they discovered that the plague heavily infected the town.

Kingdom Season 3 Release Date

After killing one of the undead in the village, they got a clear indication that there were more to come on their way.

With no sign of cure, it looks like the prince and his companions have to deal with the army of undead all by themselves.

Netflix’s Kingdom is a treat to the eyes of the people who affection the zombie genre; with no confirmation about season 3, fans will have to wait and keep their hopes high.

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