Heartland Season 14: Netflix US Release Date and CBC Release Date

The top Netflix show Heartland has been able to grab headlines with its serene backdrops and a tranquil story base. The 13 seasons of Netflix Heartland is a testimony that this show is an all-time favorite and is all set to release in the 14th season.

Heartland Season 14 Netflix Release Date

Heartland Season 14 was renewed back in May 2020 only due to its hype and ongoing demand. A confirmed release date for Heartland season 14 on Netflix US has not been released. However, it will indeed release around April outside of the US.

Following the highly distorted pattern of release, it isn’t easy to expect the release date. Heartland season 14 will release on Netflix US in 2022.

Heartland Season 14

Heartland Season 14 CBC Release Date

The Heartland season 14 is already released on CBC Gem in Canada after January 2021. The series may release on CBC Gem, Canada, around April this year.

The Canadian family drama-comedy tv-series follows the story from Lauren Brooke’s book of the same name. The series is a light-hearted treat that revolves around a laid-back premise of a ranch.

Heartland Season 14 Premise

The story follows two sisters, Amy Fleming and her older sister, Louise Fleming, who live a ‘rich life in the Heartland ranch in Alberta. They abide by their grandfather, Jack Bartlett, a widower, their father, Tim Fleming, and a hired helper on their farmland, Ty Borden. This story shows how the family bonds and ties grow stronger while living on the ranch.

Heartland Season 14

Heartland Season 14 Cast

The cast comprises Amber Marshall as Amy Fleming, Michelle Morgan as Samantha Louise, Shaun Johnston as Jackson ‘Jack’ Bartlett, Alisha Newton as Georgina Fleming, Chris Potter as Timothy ‘Tim’ Fleming, Kerry James Caleb O’ Dell, and Gabriel Hogan as Peter Walter Morris.


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