Elakkiya Menon Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Contestant : Wiki, Personal Life, Family, Career

Elakkiya Menon is a South Indian social media sensation who catapulted herself into the mainstream using the platform of the now-banned TikTok. She had a massive following on TikTok with over 120,000 followers and is on route to replicating that following success on Instagram. Her immense popularity has landed her roles in various commercials for esteemed brands, and she is now rumored to be in talks to set a silver screen debut in stone.

Elakkiya Menon Personal Life

Elakkiya was born on 11th November 1993 in Aluva, Kerela, India. Raised and educated in Kerela for most of her life, she moved to Chennai as soon as she hit adulthood, and that was where she happened to come across the social media phenomenon of TikTok.

Elakkiya Menon Family

Elakkiya is very secretive about her family, and hence no information regarding her family is available.

Elakkiya Menon Career

Elakkiya’s booming popularity on TikTok was hard to ignore and got her in talks with various esteemed brands for commercials. This, as a result, got her increasingly significant roles in Tamil TV shows. Her fame blew even further up when she started posting bold pictures of herself across various social media platforms and was rumored to be in talks with modeling agencies which seemingly led to no fruition. As a social media influencer, her primary platform, after the government imposed the TikTok ban, is Instagram, with Facebook being her secondary platform.

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