Dexter Season 9: When Can We Expect The Trailer ?

If we look into the history of bad finales, it will be unfair to mention the concluded finale of Dexter Season 8. Like what the series stood for, its concepts and themes, ending everything down, left many fans disappointed.

Dexter Season 9 A Revival to The Dexter Series?

However, everybody deserves a chance for redemption. So, the show’s makers, the executive producer, Clyde Phillips, are hellbent on reviving the show’s glory. The prime time of the show was invariably at its peak during the fourth and fifth seasons.


The makers are all shedding their blood, sweat, and tears to make this revival work out decently. The series is set to release after fall. That’s quite an eon. Thus the makers are experimenting variety of permutations and combinations to strike an optimum strategy.

Dexter Season 9 Trailer, Marketing, And Promotional Strategy

The trailer, teaser, or any insight into season 9 of Dexter can be expected somewhere around August. Thus the makers are right now very conscious, and we can expect the trailer to be something out of the box since such efforts would be involved in an attempt to revive the series.

We can also expect the promotions to be all over the TV since it will be one of the showtime series investing heavily into it. The reason for making all these efforts is valid, too, since the series has potential, and who knows, it might bounce back with season 9.


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