Dexter Season 9: Spoilers, Release Date and More Characters to return

With over half a decade since the last episode, ‘Dexter’ is making a comeback on screen led by everyone’s favorite forensic specialist, Michael C. Hall. After a spectacular run, the production house announced that the eighth season would be the finale in April 2013. So with the dinosaur awoken, let’s see what’s all the excitement about.

Dexter, who plays the title character, is a forensic analyst who works for Miami PD. However, there are more bones hidden in his closet than most would suspect. Orphaned as a child, Dexter developed sociopathic tendencies that led to his killing spree, which involved only criminals.

Dexter Season 9

Dexter Season 9: Renewal

Fans went crazy back in October 2020 when they heard their favorite show that ended six years ago was getting a revival. This sudden news showrunner Clyde Phillips also stated that he would be at the frontline for production.

Dexter Season 9: Release Date

Apart from announcing the revival of ‘Dexter’ for a ninth season, the production unit did not provide an official release date. So fans have to wait till production is complete and they drop a new trailer. As far as expectations go, season 9 will most likely premiere at the end of 2021.

Dexter Season 9: Who will return?

Dexter Season 9

It should be obvious that Michael C. Hall will return to reprise his role as Dexter, as it wouldn’t make sense without him. But some delightful news that came out was that most of the characters might return to the show for one last season. As such, Debra Morgan could also return as she was the main anchor of the whole show.

Dexter Season 9: What’s it about?

There was a slight uproar from fans as they felt that the season finale didn’t provide them with proper closure. So to wrap things up, the production house has decided to give fans what they deserve.


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