City On Hill Season 3: Renewed or Cancelled? Deets Inside

The crime drama series “City On Hill” was initially released in 2019 and was appreciated for its entertaining and riveting storyline, with Kevin Bacon and his company taking onto the bureaucracy. After a positive response which Season 1 received, the show was renewed, with the Second season releasing on March 28, 2021. On May 16, 2021, the second season has concluded as well; all the eyes are onto the 3rd season premiere. But is the 3rd season happening, or has it been canceled? Here is everything we know.

City On Hill Season 3: Renewed or canceled?

As far as we know, the fate of “City on Hill” lies within the hands of the Showtime runners. Not much time has passed since the release of Season 2, so it’s too early to speculate for a third season. This is because Showtime will not just come up with its decision based on the no. of live viewers but also On-Demand viewings and streams.

We know that Season 1 hadn’t rocked the charts either but since the live viewers for Season 2 have been down by 20%, the clouds of ambiguity start to rover over the third season. Something that gives us relief is that the decision to a renewal won’t be made judging the no. of live viewers alone and on the internal figures.

City On Hill Season 3

So as of now, the show hasn’t been canceled, but what are the perks that could make Showtime renew the Show? Showtime is definitely after making itself more diverse in terms of lineup. There is no doubt that City On Hill, with its talented cast and crew, has much potential to do better. Besides that, Bacon, in one of his interviews, had even expressed his desire to discuss with Tom Fontana, the showrunner, about what Jackie could do next.

So we hope that in case the show gets renewed, we’ll be hearing some news in a couple of months.

Devisha Pareek
Devisha Pareek
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