How To Check Lyft Gift Card Balance Online and at Store

Lyft is an on-demand transportation firm that develops, markets, and operates the Lyft Car transportation mobile app. The company was launched in 2012. It is based in San Francisco, California but operates in 300 U.S. cities encompassing New York, San Francisco Los Angeles. It usually manages around 1 million rides every day.

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How To Check Lyft Gift Card Balance?

• Click this link to head to Lyft Gift Card Balance Checker.

• With this, open the App

• Your photo will be visible in the top left corner; click on it.

• Click on the “Promos” tab.

• This will take you to the bold tab showing your gift card balance. The remaining terms and conditions will be gray under the remaining amount.

How To Check Balance At the Stores:

• Find your Nearby Stores with “Store Locator.”

• To search for the Nearby Store, enter the zip code or state name in the search bar and press “Search.”

• As the Results are displayed, select the nearest store location to visit.

lyft gift card

How To Check Balance With Customer Service:

Customer Service can be availed to check the Gift Card Balance through the following procedure:

• Dial 1-800-435-666 to connect with the customer support service online.

• Follow the customer Support Instructions carefully.

• Choose a helpline extension for card balance.

• Enter the Card Number in the next step and wait.

• Gift Card Balance will be informed.

Where To Use The Gift Card:

Members can use the card to avail themselves of the facilities and purchases on or Lyft Stores.

Cautions while using a Lyft Gift Card:

A default payment method like a credit card, debit card, or any other Lyft payment option must be used to use the Lyft Gift Card. This is to ensure that you can avail of a Lyft ride even if the balance on the card is insufficient.

Lyft gift cards cannot be used to pay for Lyft tips, cancellations, or damage fees.

How Can A Stolen or Lost Gift Card be replaced?

You need to visit any nearest store with your “Original Receipt” (essential), and the new Gift Card will be issued.

What to do if you don’t know the PIN of your Gift Card?

A gift card without a PIN can’t be used online but at a store. Even if the balance cannot be checked without a pin, it can issue another Gift Card with a PIN at one of Lyft’s stores.

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