Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Elimination Results: Mehboob or Swathi Deekshit to be eliminated Directly tonight


Bigg Boss Telugu is in its fourth weekend and there will be a knockout tonight instead of rescuing competitors on Saturday and knocking them out on Sunday. Bigg Boss started the game with a total of 16 participants. Kumar Sai, Avinash, and Swathi Deekshit entered by the wildcard. However, director Suryakiran was knocked out in week one, Karate Kalyani in week two, Devi Nagavalli in week three were knocked out one by one. In all, there were three outside

The question “Who do you think will be eliminated in Week 4 of Bigg Boss 4?” Got a good response from network users. But Mehboob, who escaped elimination last week, is in danger. 40% of voters voted to remove Mehboob. Kumar Sai came later with 24% of the votes. Sohail came in third place with 11% of the votes. Dettadi Harika came in fourth with 9% of the vote. Swati Dixit and Lasya finished fifth with 6% of the vote. Abhiki received only 6% of the votes. While Abhi, Lasya, and Swati Dixit are in the safe zone, the probability of Mohaboob’s removal is high in both this survey and other surveys, but the story seems to be different here.

In fact, all the polls for week three showed that nominated Mehboob would be eliminated. But exceptionally, God eliminates and surprises Big Boss. In the fourth week, however, he hit the danger zone after being nominated again by Dettadi Harika Pagabatti Mehboob. Despite the result of Mehboob knocked out in the polls, it looks like Bigg Boss will turn around this week and last week.

Bigg Boss Telugu 4 Elimination Results: Mehboob or Swathi Deekshit to be eliminated Directly tonight

Mehboob has a lot of screen space during the days of this week. He was well focused. On Friday’s episode, she started teaching dance to everyone in the house as part of Morning Masti. The combination Sohail-Abhijit stands out. If you watch the Bigg Boss show giving screen space means marking them. calculating that screen space is given as part of getting votes. By this calculation, Swati Dixit, who went through the wildcard entry, saw very little this week. Api has popped up a few times with the pulihora talk connecting Abhi  and it didn’t emphasize her unless she showed up once in the morning, masti didn’t focus.

Seven of the seven nominees are currently in the danger zone. The rest of the fans are on the love path anyway, so let them be fully entertained. And Bigg Boss wants a controversial person like Sohail who looks aggressive and says “the story is different” so there’s no way to take him out. The percentage of votes for Lasya is high. Mehboob also gives Bigg Boss the content he needs. He is engaged in the physical task. Swati Dixit, which came via the Etochee Wild Card, had no screen space. Based on the results of the survey, Mehboob should be Eliminated

The sympathetic voices for Kumar Sai work well and the audience shows sympathy and save him, even though everyone in the house calls out to him one after the other. However, Kumar Sai, who secured the captain’s group, was released from the nominations next week. There is no agency in Telugu Bigg Boss where those who are heads of households have been disabled. As Kumar Sai is exempt from nominations next week, his chances of staying in the house are high. So this week too, Mehboob can be saved in the danger zone, will it be Swathi who will pack up and go home? We will have to wait and see.