Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Vote | 17th October Voting Results: Is Rekha the first-ever contestant to get eliminated from Bigg Boss Tamil 4?

The entirety of Bigg Boss 4 Tamil has become unpredictable. It is impossible to say who will survive in the house of Bigg Boss and who will take a leave before the grand finale. One segment of the contestants have reportedly fallen into a bad phase and the other half are short-tempered.

To make things more bizarre and interesting in the show, the makers have brought a wild card entry, VJ Archana. By the looks of it, VJ Archana is a popular TV Show anchor having hosted several award functions and shows. Nevertheless, one person is going to be eliminated from Bigg Boss 4 Tamil, this week. Moreover, the person who will leave the house of Bigg Boss this week will be replaced by VJ Archana, the wild card contestant.

Names of the contestants who are nominated for eviction

Find the names of the contestants who are nominated to be eliminated from the show this week below:

  • Shivani Narayanan
  • Rekha
  • Aajeedh
  • Ramya Pandian
  • Gabriella
  • Samyuktha
  • Sanam Shetty

Voting Results of Bigg Boss Tamil season 4

As per online polls here are the voting distribution this week:

  • Shivani with 24%
  • Ramya with 22%
  • Sanam with 14%
  • Aajeedh with 13%
  • Gabriella with 10%
  • Samyuktha with 9%
  • Rekha with 8%

The online poll suggests that Rekha and Samyuktha have got least votes. In addition to this, Ramya Pandian and Shivani are more likely to escape the eviction this week according to the polling results. Moreover, both Shivani & Ramya Pandian have received significant amount of votes when put in contrast with other contestants.

The reason why Rekha is in the bottom two is that the fan didn’t get to see her much throughout the week. In addition to this, her condescending nature to intimidate other contestants is received negatively by the viewers and fans of Bigg Boss Tamil. On the other hand, Shivani is on the top position as she’s not getting influenced by anyone and her one-track-mind of playing games is appreciated in the house as well as outside.

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