Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3 Vote Results of 2nd April 2021: Will the Captaincy Task Decide for Eviction

High Boss Season 3 will complete an interesting seventh week. Full now, the reality show has eliminated five contestants. For the seventh week, eight contestants have been nominated for eviction.

The “laundry company task” has secured much TRP for the show. Manikuttan has been the most popular contestant of this week. And on the other side, Ramzan and Sandhya have for the first time got nominated. Much drama has also been seen this week with Bhagyalakshmi’s remarks against Sai Vishnu.

In today’s episode, audiences will see Bhagyalakshmi’s and Sandhya’s slinking around with elimination danger and Sai Vishnu’s end of captaincy period.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 3

The Voting Outcomes for Week 7 Nomination

Kidilam Firoz secured maximum votes of 19 % of the vote shares, followed by him Sajna and Firoz secured 17 % votes. Ramzan got 15 % votes, Nobi – 13 %, and Soorya, Sandhya Manoj, and Bhagyalakshmi are in the list’s lower rank.

Quick Analysis of the Voting Trends

Both the luxury budget task and the nomination task were the most talked about events for this week. If we analyze the voting trends, we can see that.

  • Firoz’s aggression helped him to top the list for the seventh-week nomination. He achieved the first spot for the first time in the seventh season.
  • The new captain will decide the fate of the contestants to be evicted.
  • Though Firoz Khan gained popularity this week, it can later impact his performance in the house.
  • Manikuttan, Adonay, and Dimple, these three contestants, are safe from this week’s nomination.

The Safe and the Dangered Contestant of this Week

As per reports, Kidilam Firoz and Sajna/ Firoz will be safe this week due to their popular voting ranks.

Contestants who will be in danger are Sandhya or Bhagyalakshmi, who have a high probability of getting evicted this week. Previously popular contestants like Lakshmi Jayan, Remya Panickar, Majiziya Bhanu, among others, were eliminated from the show.

It will be interesting to watch any twist in the plot in the upcoming weeks of the show.

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