Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Vote Nominations for Week 8 Voting 6th April

The eighth week of Bigg Boss Malayalam season 3 is as bizarre as its contestants. Amidst the rivalries, mind games, over the top drama, there is entertainment for sure.

Six contestants have been eliminated as far. The host no later announced the elimination of the sixth contestant, Bhagyalakshmi. Among the unfortunate contestants evicted so far, Ramya Panicker indeed had the luck, as she came back as a wild card entry.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3

Nominations This Week:

Adonay, Rithu Manthra, and Sai Vishnu were listed for eliminations, nominated precisely in this eighth week. Captain Kidilam Firoz is perhaps in the safe zone this, the eighth week. Contestants nominated for elimination are Adonay, Rithu Manthra, Sai Vishnu, Sajna, Firoz, and Sandhya Manoj.

The seventh-week nominations held were an outcome of the closed room task, where the members had to name two contestants they wish to get nominated and thus eliminated. Co-incidence is a hot topic as two contestants have been nominated for the second time.

Safe Contestants:

Eliminations have yet not taken place, but the curiosity is killing as Sandhya Manoj and Sajna/Firoz were nominated this week, unexpectedly. Manikuttan, Dimple, and Noby had fate on their side as they dodged the eliminations safely. However, it is a dilemma to the fans on who is going to be evicted this week.


The contestants who already have evacuated the house include Lakshmi Jayan eliminated in the second week, Michelle Ann eliminated in the 3rd week, Angel Thomas got eliminated in the 4th week, Ramya Panicker was eliminated in the 5th week, Maziya Bhanu got eliminated in the 6th week, and Bhagyalakshmi got eliminated in 7th week.

Voting Procedure:

People are genuinely invested and involved in this season; TRPs say all, but not all of them know how to vote for their biased contestants. First, they need to install the Disney + Hotstar app on their phones via Play Store or iOS Appstore. They are also advised to install the latest version of the app.

Fans are to open the Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 page, and below that, there’s an option saying, “vote,” and below that, “vote now.” Then they are required to choose their favorite contestant. The contestants are offered a max of 50 votes per day.


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