Zomato app gets 1-star ratings in Google play store after its ‘food is religion’ tweet

A massive number of users has begun to provide a single-star rating to Zomato on Google Play Store. The religion-fanatic population of the country said that they completely disagree with the stance of Zomato to provide halal meat. Most of the people are not okay with people opting for “Halal” meat on the foodservice app.

The Zomato users are also claiming that Zomato is trying to associate itself with religion by providing the “Halal” option. Zomato later put a letter on their official website by stating that people are asking the food service app to provide “Halal” meat. By the looks of it, this is the only how Zomato programmed its official website.

Many Indians prefer to eat halal meat

Zomato later took it to Twitter and said that they are providing the information regarding halal meat to their valuable customers. It is up to the customers to choose if they want to consumer “halal” meat or regular meat.

Zomato said that as a country-wide food delivery service corporation, it is essential for them to reveal several angles that a restaurant allows them to display. It is the restaurants that provide Zomato if they serve Halal meat or not.

The halal meat option is killing Zomato’s popularity

One of the users bid farewell to Zomato and said that the food delivery service lost a crucial customer. The same user also said that Zomato is also going to lose more customers in the forthcoming days. Additionally, the user also noted that Zomato has no right to choose a side if it cannot solve the issue.

Several hashtags are circulating across the internet, such as “ZomatoUninstalled,” “Just uninstalled.” In addition to this, some users also took to it Twitter and did use another hashtag, namely, “#ZomatoUnistalled.”

The food politics controversy in India came into being on Tuesday when a customer told that he could not accept the order from a non-Hindu rider due to Shrawan month. Zomato replied to this controversy by stating that food does not possess a religion; instead, food is a religion.

Sujeeth Kalyan
Sujeeth Kalyan
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