Zee Cine Awards 2020 Hindi: Processing of Voting, Full Episode Time and Date

Zee Cine Award is a massive ceremony which celebrates the raw and veteran talents of Bollywood actors, actresses, singers, and performers. Since its existence, Zee Cine Awards is aiming at displaying a massive stature of Bollywood as well as its vibrant culture. Viewers can check the Voting Process of 2020 Zee Cine Awards, alongside Time and Date and full episode.

The 2020 edition of Zee Cine Awards is going to be held on the 28th of March 2020. By the looks of it, this year, magic will be in the air as the talents of Bollywood will come together under a single roof. The stage will lit up with the mesmerizing presence of talented creative minds as well as starry performances from actors.

The date of the premiere of Zee Cine Awards: March 28, 2020

Time of premiere: 7:30 PM

Broadcasting Channel: Zee TV

Online streaming partner: Zee5

Zee Cine Awards 2020 Hindi: Processing of Voting, Full Episode Time and Date

Update on Nomination of Zee Cine Awards

At the time of writing the nomination of Zee Cine Awards is being carried out. For more details check out the complete voting process and date and time of 2020 edition of Zee Cine Awards.

As the process of nomination has already begun, the audience can begin casting vote for their favorite film actress as well as the best song. In addition to this, audience can also visit the official website of Zee Cine Awards to cast their votes.

Moreover, the details of broadcasting of Zee Cine Awards would be updated on the official website right after the official annoucement. In the meatime, viewers can choose their favorite films, songs, actors, and actress from the options provided in the website.

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