Yellowstone Season 4: Will Beth Die in the Hospital? Wait for the release date!

It is the time to gear up, for all the Yellowstone fans as your favorite- the Dutton family from Yellowstone is set to come up again. The series, which is themed on the dysfunctional family and their great Montana cattle ranch, has finished shooting for its much-awaited fourth season. We assure you that there is undoubtedly a lot more for you to look forward to in the show. Besides that, Paramount recently announced that the Yellowstone universe would be growing itself, and hence, they are soon coming up with two new brand shows, one prequel, one spinoff.

Yellowstone Season 4

When Will Season 4 Come Out?

No such announcement has been made yet. However, the announcement to renew the show for season 4 had been made even before season 3 had come out.

There have been delays because of the global pandemic. To this, the writer of the show has made a statement, “I have to know if we are going to be there in November and December because if we are, I have to write snow into the storyline,” “So, I had to pause on writing the last few episodes, which I will start up here pretty soon once I know we are going because I would hate to write them and then find out that we can only shoot six episodes this year, and then I have to go shoot in the spring, and then there is no snow.”

What is in store for season 4? Will beth survive?

It is challenging to assume what is in for the upcoming season. However, there are likely to be more conflicts for the Dutton family.

Moreover, fans are more eager to know if beth will survive in the fourth season, as she and her father were shot and their office was firebombed in the last season.

We are hoping that you are as excited to watch the show as we are. Keep your eye on the show details because we do not want your excitement and patience to get ruined by spoilers. We are waiting for it to come out on the screens pretty soon.

Sujeeth Kalyan
Sujeeth Kalyan
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