Yellowstone Season 4 Release Date: Has Season 4 Been Delayed?

The third season of one of the top American drama shows, Yellowstone, concluded in August 2020, but the official release date of the next season is still under wraps. Fans are pretty impatient for an update, and multiple questions are popping out from them. So, here is the latest update.

Yellowstone is the perfect cable TV show for binge-watching. The perfect blend of drama, thrill, and cliffhangers is one of the top shows on the Paramount Network. After three mind-blowing seasons, the fourth chapter of the series is on the cards. The last season concluded on a huge cliffhanger, and now the viewers are pretty desperate to know what happens next. However, the makers are absolutely silent about season 4’s release date and other details. So, has Yellowstone Season 4 been delayed? Here is everything we know.

yellowstone season 4

Has Yellowstone Season 4 Been Delayed?

Yellowstone season 3’s climax raised a bucket of questions to be addressed in the next installments. The show follows the Dutton family, and with incredible twists and turns, won the heart of the fans. At the climax of season 3, the Duttons were trapped by anonymous assassins. Josh Button took his last breath while Beth, his beloved daughter, got engaged n an explosion. The action-packed scene jammed with some cliffhangers brought the audience to the edge of their seats, and now it’s time to witness more out of the show in season 4. Luckily, the makers renewed the show for its fourth edition before season 3 landed on the Paramount Network. However, since then, there are no more details on the progress of the next season.


There is a lot of buzz about the new season’s release date on the Internet. Fans are speculating dates for its release. Social media is booming with predictions. Some fans highlight that like the last three seasons, the fourth one too will land on the auspicious occasion of Father’s Day. At the same time, some are quoting that the premiere may be delayed till August due to the current pandemic situation. However, till now, there are no hints from the makers. So, we are hoping for an official announcement coming up soon.

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