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www.Worldometers.info Coronavirus Live Updates Track Case Statistics positives and deaths

The coronavirus pandemic has kept everyone on their toes. In these difficult times, everyone is curious to know what is happening globally. So to help you keep track of things, we have to introduce you to WorldOMeter.

What Is WorldOMeter?

WorldOMeter is a site that keeps track of various things that are happening around the world, such as world population, government, and economics, environment, food, water, energy, and health.

So WorldOMeter has been keeping track of coronavirus cases from all over the world. You can know the cases in detail using tables, graphs, and the latest updates. Many official representatives shared stats from WorldOMeter, which proves its authenticity.

How To Check Coronavirus Cases On WorldOMeters?

  • First, you have to visit the official link to the coronavirus page on WorldOMeters.
  • The URL to this page is worldometers.info/coronavirus
  • After clicking on the link, the below page will appear on your screen.

Different Data Visualizations To Track Coronavirus

If you scroll down on the coronavirus page, you can find various types of Data Visualizations that help you know about the growing cases better. Below are the different types of options the dashboard of the website offers.

  • Table To Know Confirmed Cases and Deaths by Country

You can track the number of cases, new cases, deaths, new deaths, active cases, and recovered cases by country in this table. Some countries even have a separate dashboard to track cases. You have to click on the country name to visit that.

  • Graphs For Better Understanding Of Growing Cases

Graphs depict data better than any other format. They help you understand growth in a much better way. Most people can understand the development through graphs. Even in this section, there are various graphs. You can know about them below:

Active Cases & Closed Cases Graph

You can know the statistics and graphs of active and closes cases of coronavirus around the world.

Total Cases And Total Deaths Graph

Along with these, there are two more graphs to depict the growing cases of coronavirus. Two more charts depict total cases and total deaths. Here you can choose a linear scale or logarithmic scale.

Latest Updates

If you scroll a little more, you will find the latest updates section where each update is given about the coronavirus along with the source.

Additional Useful Information

Additional useful information such as Symptoms, Incubation Period, Mortality Rate, Age, Sex, and existing death conditions are also provided. More information such as Tests by country, All country pages, Report and track US cases by County / State, India cases by State / UT are also coming soon.

Who Runs WorldOMeter?

WorldOMeter is run by a US-based and American-owned company.

We hope we helped you find a website to track the spread of coronavirus. Stay home. Stay safe.


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