Woman dies on the way to the famous Bus from the movie Into the Wild

A young woman from Belarus travelled with her husband to Alaska to visit the famous abandoned Bus that has been known through the book and the movie “Into the Wild”. The way to the Bus and the tourists rush to the famous place, the accidents are piling up. A dangerous point of the Crossing of the Teklanika river. Also Veramika Maikamava wanted to cross the river that led to this point in time, however, by strong rains, especially a lot of water. The water flood with crack you. Her husband was able to recover later on, just lifeless out of the water.

Fairbanks Bus 142 – a dangerous Trend

Since the release of the film in the year 2007, the number of tourists who want to go to Fairbanks Bus 142 is on the rise. Where Christopher McCandless lived. The American Student wandered alone in the Wilds of Alaska to escape the modern society. He survived a few months in the Bus that he found there. Four months later, he was found dead. It is believed that he was due to poisoning too weak to search for food and therefore starved to death.

source : Ladbible

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