WME Signs Pixel Vault (EXCLUSIVE)

WME has signed Pixel Vault, an IP business dedicated to drive value to NFTs. The agency will grow Pixel Vault’s catalog of IP beyond its established NFT business into other areas including film, television, podcasting and gaming.

This signing observes the recent trend of crossing NFT companies into mediums of traditional entertainment such as television and film, as Pixel Vault is currently growing their brand into gaming and aiming to grow into podcasting, television and film as well. The company was founded by Sean Gearin.

In addition to Pixel Vault, Gearin is also the creator and owner of Punks Comic and the MetaHero Universe, both of which are Pixel Vault’s two biggest IPs. The MetaHero Universe leverages blockchain technologies and combines elements of gaming and social networking with DeFi and NFTs to create an interactive environment where users and planet holders may play to earn through several different community-governed initiatives.

This comic IP will continue to serve as a creative vehicle for Punks Comic as their brand identity continues to form around the universe’s characters and setting. MetaHero Universe looks to break previous records for single-project NFT sales and will be governed and owned by the community, leveraging an intricate decentralized autonomous organization structure.

Since selling out the Punks project in June, Pixel Vault has gone beyond 41,000 ETH in secondary volume on OpenSea, which amounts to over $120 million at the current ETH prices, and aims to continue using its IP in creative ways, pushing the boundaries of cultural technology.


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