Will There Soon Be a Rise in Games Based on Bollywood Movies?

Here in India, Bollywood is huge and impossible to avoid. However, many Indians would be surprised to find out that the film industry from the subcontinent is not massive around the world. Hollywood is still the dominant force, and the rise of the internet has helped the American industry strengthen its controlling grip.

Now that the online world is on the up in India and the country has been identified as the next frontier, technology could help to boost Bollywood greatly in the years ahead. This could involve a surge of games based on Bollywood movies.

The Gaming Industry is Growing in India

As the internet has rapidly spread around India over the last decade, it has become clear that one of the main uses for the online world is entertainment. International brands are targeting players in the country, and popular games like PUBG have become widespread. India could be the next hottest market for eSports, with more than 600,000 professional gamers in the country already.

Aside from international games and companies seeking to gain a stronger foothold in India, there are various local brands emerging and achieving success. These sites initially try to appeal to players with a casino bonus, which usually includes a deposit match up to ₹1 Lakh. Players can also consult reviews and decide where to play based on them. Sites like 9Winz are clearly gearing their offerings to players in the country as well, with Indian-themed games like Ganesha Fortune and Teen Patti Live among the most played titles. As this sector grows, there will most certainly be future games based on Bollywood flicks.

Bollywood Could Mirror the Franchise Model Used in Hollywood

If Bollywood wants to have the same kind of global appeal that Hollywood has, now is the perfect time to capitalize on the power that India’s influence will have on the online world over the next few decades. Producers in the country need to look at what’s worked for the top Hollywood movies and replicate winning marketing methods.

Jurassic World is the perfect example of how to franchise a series in the modern age to great effect. The 2015 picture from Colin Trevorrow raked in $1.6 billion at the box office, making it the fourth highest-grossing film ever at the time. This was achieved thanks to the plethora of games that were released alongside it, including casino and mobile options. Getting onto numerous platforms means it’s almost impossible for people to avoid it.

The Marvel and Star Wars series have also used gaming and other methods to boost their global appeal. There are now countless ways for players to experience these characters and stories, and the franchises are unavoidable. It’s easy to see how the gaming industry could boost Bollywood’s standings internationally in the same way.

There’s no doubt that now that India is becoming one of the biggest gaming markets in the world, and developers will have to design games that will interest players here. This should lead to a rise in Bollywood-themed games which, in turn, could help the Bollywood film market around the world.

Josh Linus
Josh Linus
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