Will Ridley Road Ever Get A Season 2? BBC One Update On The Series

Is Ridley Road new tonight on BBC One? In this article we will discuss this in more detail, but we also look to the future.

So where are we kicking off right now? Well, we’ve got to go ahead and get some of the bad news out of the way for now: There’s no new episode hitting the network today. Why is that? It’s really for a pretty simple reason, because last week was the end of the season. We are now in a place where we continue to wait to see more of what lies ahead, and if there is any more specific story to tell.

Will Ridley Road Ever Get A Season 2? BBC One Update On The Series

We must go ahead and note here that there are no plans for a Ridley Road season 2 is going to happen. We still think it’s something we might see later, but we may have to wait and see what the network decides to do and if there’s another idea that makes it worth it. In general, however, BBC dramas don’t feel the same inherent pressure to continue as some other shows – take programs that air in the United States, for example. Limited series are a little less common here, although they have gained some popularity in recent years.

So while we can’t tell you if there’s more to come Ridley Road or not on the road, we can at least remind you here that there is another noteworthy programming on BBC One later tonight. After all, you get the chance to see doctor who kicking off his final season. This is one of the network’s bigger hits and we know they’re already marketing it to be pretty huge and well worth the wait.


Do you want to see one Ridley Road season 2 happening on BBC One on the way?

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