Will Monika meet her demise? Yellowstone Season 4 Release Date and Spoilers

The fourth season of Yellowstone is right around the corner. Like always, the series’s avid fans are exponentially keen on the fates of all the characters in the series.

The Paramount Network has already revealed that the fourth season of Yellowstone is in the making. Moreover, the fourth season will pick up after the aftermath of the third season’s tragic events. In the third season, the Duttons were seemingly left for dead have they incurred a wide array of assassination attempts. Furthermore, fans are more concerned about the fate of one central character Monika portrayed by Kelsey Asbille.


Is Monika going to die in Yellowstone Season 4?

For quite some time now, the series’s long-time fans have been ranking the series’ main characters. In Yellowstone, the characters are so well written, so complex that everyone has their favorites.

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Kayce Dutton’s wife, Monica Dutton, is one of the complex characters in the entire series. Monica’s family did end up at Broken Rock Indian Reservation, where they had clashed with Duttons on several occasions. Her marriage with Kayce was more of the move between the family to call a truce between the two conflicting sides. Nevertheless, the feud between the Duttons and Monica’s family is eternal. Moreover, Kayce and Monica have a child together, Tate, who will control the ranch in the future.


The perplexing part of the series is that fans wonder how much longer Monica will survive in Yellowstone. Even the makers and writers don’t have much use for her. One of Reddit users forwarded that the character isn’t much-hated; Monica is ultimately a bland character. The writer’s responsibility was to make the character stand apart from the rest, but they didn’t make it work.

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Why should Monica be killed off in the series?

The truth about Monica’s character is that the writers made the character to be a victim. She uses the victim card by conquering things and removing people who come in her way. There are many events of injustice to back up the claim of fans. The inescapable truth is sometimes seeing the character becoming insufferable is very much disappointing.

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It would have been great if Thomas had pursued the issues that Native Americans face in the series. Thomas has the upper hand over Monica in solving the problems that Native Americans go through. Thomas Rainwater is the leader and chief of Broken Rock Reservation and an old enemy of the Duttons series.


Is Monica getting killed off?

Monica already had her fair share in terms of a close call. She was also injured when she was trying to end a fight between a couple of schoolboys. She ended up needing brain surgery to survive.

There is a highly likely chance that her injury would bring in the obstacle between Monica and her husband. In the fourth season, she could also be used as a bargaining chip to save Kayce from being gunned down.

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