Wild Dog OTT release date update – Nagarjuna’s Wild Dog to release on Netflix next month

“Nagarjuna’s Wild Dog” is a film that contains a fictional story with a real-life incident. This series was set up by an aftermath bomb blast that had rattled around 2013 in Hyderabad. A team of combat officers had set out its mission to hunt a serial bombing. Ashishor probably wrote the film, and it was fortunately directed to him itself.

When will the Film be released on Netflix?

The filmmakers further noticed that the show would be available on Netflix after 45 days of its release. The trailer was said to be out by March 10th.

Significant announcement of the film and its release date on Theaters

Wild Dog’s action-thriller appeals to have a digital audience with better performance on the overall digital streaming platforms. The star actor and the producer, Nagarjun, from the film had announced that the movie would not be released directly on OTT platforms. But it is set for a theater release instead, which will be set on April 2nd.

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Wild Dog OTT Platform Release Date

After the news was released that Wild Dog would be first released on Theaters, the makers had it the traditional way. The response of the audience for recent movies had stated the film for a big-screen experience.

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It was a big turn around for the film to make its first release in theaters rather than OTT platforms because the makers had pulled out deals with the OTT release and instead released it on theaters, but now it is seen to have a theatrical run over that will take place in the coming few weeks. This drew close attention to all OTT releases. Before the earlier release date, it is noticed that the reports have claimed the release for the film on OTT platforms next month.

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