Why You Should Create A Video Invitation For Your Next Event

Have a family wedding coming up? Throwing a get-together party? Or perhaps you want to invite people over for an event you are hosting.

How are you going to go about calling people? Phone calls and e-invitation cards serve the purpose, but what would be really cool is if you send out a video invitation. Some of you are completely new to the term, while some of you would have received such invites in the past.

In either case, you would have been wondering how to go about making one. It is certainly much easier and a lot of fun to make a video invitation. Here’s how you would go about doing it.

What’s a video invitation?

A video invitation is like any other invitation – it is a formal way of calling friends, family, colleagues etc. to attend an event. However, instead of the traditional way of sending out paper cards or soft copies, a video invitation has the power to do so much more.

A video can cover a lot of information, you can make it personalized, and thanks to video editing techniques, the overall visual appeal goes up. Technology has brought about a lot of funky things, too; you can make animation clips, and in some apps, you can insert faces of those you want in an animation clip!

How to make a video invite?

  • Select the images and clips that you want to include in the invitation. They can be generic or personalized i.e. the main content can be common to everyone, but a voice message or a title card can be added to each video specific to the invitee.
  • Include the picture of the people whose event you are inviting others for: if it is a wedding, include pictures of the couple; if it is a get-together, include some group photos and mugshots from the past.
  • Use text to give details like the venue, time, and place.

There are several online invitation makers, most of them with pre-set templates too. InVideo also has one of the best free video editing apps that lets you create a video for several occasions and purposes, invitations included. Choose the template that looks most appropriate and get started!

Why make video invitations over traditional ones?

1. Saves time and money

The free invitation makers and video editing software applications out there help you make your entire invitation at home, without spending a buck. You save time not only in putting together the video but also in circulating the invitation. You can send the video file via mail or WhatsApp to all your contacts using only a few button presses (also think of the enormous amount of energy you save by not running around to hand over invites!).

2. Bigger outreach

Why restrict yourself to sending the invitation to people privately? You can also share it publicly on Facebook or Instagram, which are bound to have a vast outreach. You can further boost the reach by choosing appropriate hashtags, geotags, and other sharing options.

Remember, all this is free – more invites does not mean more spending!

3. Easier to keep track

As with any online invitation, video invitations help you keep track of your invitees. You can make a list and set reminders so that you never have to forget sending the invite to someone, and similarly, you can also easily track everyone’s responses (perhaps at the end of the video, you could post a link to a Google form for their RSVP, and automatically save the responses to a spreadsheet).

4. Get as creative as you want

Video editing applications and invitation makers have minimal restrictions and constraints concerning the design, so you can exploit your creativity to its fullest. You can keep experimenting with new styles, colors, designs, and effects until you get the best result, all at your own pace. As the maker of the video, you get your hands dirty and learn some really cool tricks in video editing that you can use for several purposes in the future!


Moreover, since you have the source file, you can edit and update the video any time you want (for example, you might have suddenly come across a nice photo that you want to include in the video, or there’s a minor change in the timing of the event).

5. Audio-visual combo

Sending a single image or page as an invitation is kind of simplistic; having a piece of accompanying background music would be a bit weird if there is only one static image. You could also send an audio-only message or invite someone by calling them on the phone, but there would be no visual message in that case.

On the other hand, if you put together a video invitation, you can add an audio track to go with the visuals to enhance the impact. It could be a suitable song or instrumental piece, or even a voice-over message asking people to come over.

6. Saves hassle for the guests

When you send out an e-invitation, it is easier for the guests to mark their calendars with a couple of screen taps, so that they won’t forget the event. of course, if you get everything right in the video invitation so well, your guests are unlikely to forget the event purely because of the impression the invitation leaves behind!

7. Eco-friendly!

Last but not least, video invitations are eco-friendly – no paper is used in any way.

Time to send out the invites!

Having made your online video invitation using an application like InVideo, you are now ready to send it to your loved ones, co-workers, and others. You don’t have to worry that it might not have the same value as a traditional paper invitation; with the whole world going digital, all you need to worry about is getting the design and content right. With the manifold benefits of shifting from paper to online invitations, you can be assured your guests are going to love a personalised, well-crafted video invite just as much as an invitation card.

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