Why Will There Not Be A Y: The Last Man Season 2?

Following the finale today of Y: The Last Man today, it makes sense to want to know something more about a season 2. If only we had something more to say when it comes to good news!

For the time being, here is just some of what we know: Unfortunately, the series was canceled earlier this year by FX on Hulu, with performance more than likely being the big reason why. In order for more episodes to be possible the end product needs to be financially viable and for whatever reason, this was determined to not be so.

Why Will There Not Be A Y: The Last Man Season 2? The timing of the cancellation came as the biggest surprise, mostly because streaming shows typically are not axed midway through their run. Executives often wait a little while instead to see what the performance is before trying to make a bigger determination on the future.

So are we definitely at the end of the road right now for the series: We wouldn’t go that far … at least not yet. There are discussions underway to try to find a different home for the show and we understand some of the reasoning behind trying to make this work. We’re talking here about a property that is still fairly early on in its run and with the premise that it has, there could be some suitors in theory. Finding another home could prove tricky, but for right now not all hope is lost.

We wish there was a way to quantify the actual chances of Y: The Last Man getting another home. In the end, let’s just say this: Don’t be overly optimistic. That’s not a statement against the show; rather, it’s a reminder that the vast majority of programs that are canceled remain that way. The success stories of a Lucifer or a Manifest are few and far between.

Are you sad that there is no Y: The Last Man season 2 coming to FX on Hulu?

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