Why Sean Murray Almost Never Starred In NCIS

Why Sean Murray Almost Never Starred In NCIS

Could you imagine what “NCIS” would have been like without Special Agent Timothy McGee? Though he’s been a mainstay on the iconic program for the last 19 Seasons, Sean Murray dished he almost didn’t have a recurring role on “NCIS.” During his October 2020 appearance on the Australian morning show “Studio 10,” the actor revealed his character was originally slated to be a one-episode guest part during Season 1 in 2003. Murray said after he appeared as a rookie agent in two episodes in January 2004, everything “clicked.”

“Towards the end of that first season, it just felt like things were clicking right and gelling right,” Murray shared with hosts while virtually stopping by the talk show program. “It was working, I think. Everyone felt it.” Reflecting back on the beginning of McGee’s run as a “stumbling rookie agent” on “NCIS,” the television star said his character has “grown quite a bit” since he first joined the cast nearly two decades ago. However, Murray had nothing but good things to say about his role, calling McGee a “really good agent.” The actor added, “It was really great to be invited full-time onto the show, and it’s been an incredible experience.”


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