Why Kushal Punjabi committed Suicide ? Kushal Punjabi’s suicide leaves the Television Industry heartbroken

Popular Television actor Kushal Punjabi has reportedly been found dead at his Pani Hill home on Friday, according to police reports. Kushal Punjabi had a breakthrough career in the India Television industry by featuring in TV Series like Hum Tum and Ishq Mein Marjawan. When the police recovered Punjabi’s body, they found a suicide note written by the 37-year-old deceased actor.

The demise of Punjabi has left a created a wave of shock and cry across the country. Karanvir Bora said that he did regard Punjabi as an influential person who was great at dancing, acting, fitness and adventure sports.

The entire India television industry is heartbroken

Celebrities such as Jay Bhanushali, Shweta Tiwari, Karan Patel and the notable Indian rapper, Baba Sehgal did express their share of grief after hearing the demise of Kushal Punjabi. For some celebrities, Punjabi was a younger brother, a family and a friend.

In addition to this, the revelation of the death of Kushal Punjabi has shocked the entire country. After hearing the news of Kushal Punjabi’s demise, condolences and prayers for the late actor began to pour. Punjabi has a very successful career in the Television Industry and he also had a big fan base in the country.

What was the reason behind Punjabi’s suicide?

According to the report, the actor was in depression and he was taking anti-depressant pills for quite some time. The reports further added that after Punjabi couldn’t cope up with depression, he committed suicide.

Back in 2015, Punjabi got married to a European woman named Audrey Dolhen and the couple had a kid. Now Punjabi is survived by Kian, his son and Dolhen, his wife.

Sujeeth Kalyan
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