Why Is Prince George Going To Be So Upset With His Parents?

Why Is Prince George Going To Be So Upset With His Parents?

During his tour of Northern Ireland, Prince William had a visit to Kidz Farm where he held a python, and he believes that might upset Prince George, but not for what you think. In the beginning of the pandemic, Kate hosted a bingo charity night for nursing home residents via Zoom, per People. The duchess called out number 55 and said, “George would like this one — five and five, snake’s alive.” During his visit at the petting zoo, William made a joke about how his children might not accept his encounter with such a large snake. “The children are not going to believe I did this,” he said humorously.

Typically, when it comes to creepy, crawly, and slimy things like spiders and snakes, kids run the opposite direction, but not Prince William’s children. George most likely would’ve found the scaly experience to be exciting and thrilling, and so would Princess Charlotte, who apparently loves spiders. In a video call with the legendary animal documentary filmmaker, Sir David Attenborough, Charlotte asked (via The Telegraph), “Hello David Attenborough. I like spiders, do you like spiders too?”

Charlotte must’ve gotten that from her mother, Kate, who was seen holding a tarantula, ironically named Charlotte, as well during her Northern Ireland tour. Of course, the royal family isn’t afraid of snakes or spiders — there’s nothing scarier than dealing with the paparazzi on the daily. 


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