Why Is It So Important To Dress Well Even In A Virtual Interview

COVID-19 has kept us indoors and has introduced us to new ways of dealing with our life. The lockdown was imposed with several restrictions in place, but as always, we humans seek adversities to find solutions to our problems, and we did the same in this situation too.

Our entire work-life structure, which comprised of commuting to the office and back, shifted to online meetings. The entire world was sitting in front of a screen with their team members and discussing work strategies. This was a little awkward in the beginning, but it all fell in place eventually.

Virtual Interactions

The entire model of human interactions has shifted online. Your meeting at your work table has just shifted to another online meeting on your laptop, and your next interview has shifted to another online interview. This online scenario has also made us quite casual when it comes to dressing up for them.

Young Businesswoman Videochatting With Colleagues On Computer In Office


We do not care much. We think that not much is noticeable while we are on an online video call. This can be an illusion which shall be cleared in this article further.

Offline meetings or interviews make us conscious of the way we dress up, but when it comes to an online meeting, it just doesn’t strike our consciousness. We dress up only for the part that is visible on the camera, which is important, but it should be done in the right manner.

The Successful Virtual Interview?

Virtual interviews don’t require you to dress up completely from head to toe, but it is very important to dress-up properly for the part that is visible on the camera.

Before proceeding for your online interview, you should go over these following pointers to ensure a smooth virtual interview. These will not only allow a smooth interview but also help you to dress up well for it.

Check Your Camera And Other Settings

Checking your camera is important as it will help you to decide on the camera angle according to the visual that is displayed on the screen. A test webcam allows you to see which part is displayed and eliminate the unnecessary things from the background.

Apart from your camera, you should also check out your audio settings. Ensure that what your interviewer is listening to is free of any kind of disturbance. You should try to maintain as little background noise as possible.

Checking out these factors instills motivation in you to prepare well for the interview as it eliminates the background thoughts related to these. It allows you to give a better interview.

Body Language

At the back of your mind, you might be thinking about how much the interviewer can make out from a virtual interview, but it can be a lot. It can be difficult for the interviewer to make out much about your body language, but it is the minute details that decide your fate. Therefore, it is very important to inculcate good body language during an online interview.

It is important to sit up straight in front of your screen, and you should avoid deliberate head movement. You should avoid looking at the face of the interviewer on the screen and should always look into the webcam to look straight into the eyes of the interviewer. This allows you to maintain the maximum possible eye contact through the screen.

Apart from this, you shouldn’t fidget or slouch in front of the screen; Yawning is highly dreaded. To present a better form of yourself, you should try to raise the level of your camera to that of your face by making adjustments with your webcam or by placing books underneath your laptop to increase its height. A good body posture enhances the way you dress up for the interview.

Dress Up Well

Last but not the least, you should dress up in the most appropriate manner for your interview to give out a lasting impression. You should dress up in the same way as you are going for an in-person interview. This not only impresses your interviewer but also puts you in the zone of a real interview. Never miss an opportunity to stand out. Even recurring to subtle details. You should consider the best option for you when doing so. For instance, there’s no need to buy the dress; you can look for a dress hire Melbourne and you’ll solve the problem of indecision.

Check out the profile of the company and dress up accordingly. For a more business professional company, you should probably opt for a formal suit. If it’s more of a casual company, then smart business casual can be a way forward for your interview.

Dressing up well not only allows you to look good on the camera for the interview, but it also shows the effort that you have put up for the interview process.

Why Is It Important To Dress Up Well For A Virtual Interview?

In a virtual interview, your resume is the only link between you and your interviewer. It is the way through which your interviewer knows you. It allows them to create an image of you before getting down to the virtual interview.

The virtual interview helps you to create a video resume for your interviewer. It gives them a chance to judge not on the basis of the skills that you have listed down on your resume but on the basis of how you present yourself.


It is very important to be able to present yourself properly in a virtual interview as that creates the first and the last impression. You should follow the same rules of dressing up in an online interview, as you would do in an offline interview.

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