Why do businesses prefer Microsoft Office 365 over G-Suite?

Office 365 isn’t perfect, also many programs and software aren’t perfect. However, research shows that when it comes to cloud productivity suites, Office 365 is twice as popular in Europe as Google’s G Suite. According to the EMEA cloud report, 43% of companies use Office 365. Only 22% use Google’s Suite. Office 365 has many robust features and advantages which makes Office 365 the choice of many businesses. Also, many businesses are opting for the services likemigrating google workspace to office 365to get those advantages that are not provided by G Suite.

Top 3 robust features of Office 365:

  1. Work from Anywhere

As long as you have an internet connection, you and your employees can work from anywhere. It’s completely cloud-based, so you can access your email, files, and Office programs from anywhere and from any device. This is especially useful for companies that have remote employees, companies that are based in multiple locations, or companies that have employees who travel frequently to access data.Virtual desktop providers will help you to set up a virtual environment for you so that working from anywhere without worrying about security can be seamless.

The software runs in the Microsoft data center, so it only requires an internet connection and is easy to access. This will greatly increase your productivity and help your business. Without this, you and your employees can only access the files when you are in the field and do nothing else until you return to the office.

  1. Provides Robust Security and Reliability

A typical misunderstanding about the cloud is that it’s not much secure. With Office 365, Microsoft takes full responsibility for security and reliability. Using Office 365 to store all your data in the cloud eliminates the cost of buying expensive hardware for your server room and the salary of the full-time employees who run your server room. The cloud is more environmentally friendly and includes a backup system in case of data corruption, so disaster recovery is possible.

This allows IT teams to spend their precious time doing other things such as enabling users to get the most out of enterprise software.

  1. Subscription-Based Service

Office 365 is a subscription-based service. This means that the business pays a small monthly fee per user, rather than cutting most of the budget and prepaying a high flat rate as with regular Microsoft Office packages. This is a big advantage as it can be useful in terms of cash flow, as plans are usually paid monthly, and the finance team can plan their budget much easier. You can also turn off the ones you don’t use to further save your organization’s costs. This feature is also useful for businesses as it can increase or decrease scalability.


When it comes to security, Microsoft doesn’t compromise. It has long been a privacy-centric company. If you’re still unsure about Microsoft and G Suite, Apps4Rent can help. These providers will assist you with professional migration support as you prepare for the major migration process. They are also experts in providingDaaS Solutionsand can help you avoid the headaches that plague other migrations.

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