Where to watch West Side Story 2021 online for free

Here are options for downloading or watching West Side Story streaming the full movie online for free on 123movies & Reddit, including where to watch the expected movie at home. Is West Side Story available to stream? Do you watch West Side Story on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix or Amazon Prime? Yes, we found an authentic streaming option/service. Details on how to watch West Side Story for free all year round are detailed below.

Something is about to happen every day – and that’s coming is Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story. The first reactions poured in all over social media last night, with Spielberg’s adaptation of Stephen Sondheim’s show being hailed as “top level,” “hugely entertaining” and more. Early viewers have also celebrated Rachel Zegler’s performance as Maria, one of her breakthrough roles in movie musicals. If you’re not keen on finding out if there’s a place for us, somewhere where we can watch West Side Story on streaming, we’ve got you covered.

Where to watch West Side Story 2021 online for free

Zegler stars as Maria, taking over from Natalie Wood’s 1961 appearance. Opposite the young star are Ansel Elgort as Tony, Ariana DeBose as Anita, David Alvarez as Bernardo, Brian d’Arcy James as Officer Krupke, and Mike Faist as Riff. Rita Moreno, who originally starred as Anita, returns as Valentina — could she get a second Oscar for another West Side Story performance that’s making headlines? Who knows!

Here’s everything you need to know about watching Spielberg’s new West Side Story movie musical.

When is the release date for Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story?

West Side Story comes out this Friday, December 10. However, thanks to the early screenings of the film, you can see it the night before. Is that in the cinema or on VOD? Keep reading to find out.

When will Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story be available to stream? Where will West Side Story be streamed?

We’re not quite there yet. The company developing the production was 20th Century Studios, a subsidiary of Disney. That could mean the movie goes to Disney+ or Hulu, two Disney streamers, or even HBO Max. That’s because Disney signed a deal with WarnerMedia to split all streaming releases of Fox movies (aka 20th Century Studios) by 2022.

To predict exactly when West Side Story will be streamed, let’s take a look at another 20th Century Studios movie released in 2021. Free Guy debuted in theaters on August 13, later heading to all VOD platforms on October 1. that logic, there’s about a 45-day exclusive period that Disney implements with their releases. So we can expect West Side Story on VOD in late January, early February. After that, we’ll have to wait a few more weeks to stream it on HBO Max, Disney+ or Hulu.

Where’s the original West Side Story streaming? How to watch West Side Story:

Even if West Side Story isn’t showing for a while, you can still watch the original 1961 movie tonight! It’s not currently available on streaming platforms, but you can rent the movie for $2.99 ​​or buy it for $4.99 from iTunes, Microsoft Store, Prime Video, or Vudu.

Where to watch West Side Story 2021 online for free

Will the new West Side Story be streamed?

The 2021 version of West Side Story will hit theaters exclusively upon release, and the future of streaming remains unclear. It was produced by 20th Century Films, a subsidiary of Disney. This means it will be able to stream on any service owned by the House of Mouse, including Disney+ and Hulu, at the end of its theatrical run.

However, Spielberg teamed up with Netflix for his company Amblin Partners in 2021, so it remains to be seen which streaming giant will eventually own the rights to the 2021 West Side Story.

Is West Side Story on Netflix?

“West Side Story” is not currently part of the streaming giant’s entertainment collection. Instead, subscribers to the service can watch “Angela’s Christmas,” which follows the eponymous character whose journey to a church on Christmas Eve leads to the birth of a strange idea.

Is West Side Story on Hulu?

Hulu’s impressive content catalog does not include a ‘West Side Story’. For subscribers looking for a similar religious-themed film, we recommend watching “Silence” about two Christian missionaries in 17th-century Japan seeking their mentor and putting their faith to the test.

Is West Side Story on Amazon Prime?

‘West Side Story’ is currently not available on the platform. Instead, you can stream “The Life of Jesus,” a retelling of Jesus’ time on Earth through the eyes of the Apostle John.

Where to watch West Side Story 2021 online for free

Is West Side Story Coming to HBO MAX?

New. West Side Story is a Netflix movie, not a Warner Bros. movie, and as such will not be streamed on HBO Max when it hits theaters. While Warner Media-owned HBO Max has been home to Warner Bros. movies like The Suicide Squad, it won’t be home to MGM movies like West Side Story.

What is the main message of West Side Story?

West Side Story is a condemnation of violence (especially, of course, gang violence) and a plea for cultural and racial tolerance. Modern interpretations and productions of the musical (originally created for the stage) also specifically cite gun violence as a theme that is unfortunately all too topical today.

The story also explores the plight of immigrants (although Puerto Rico is a territory of the United States), but the experiences depicted in the 1961 original weren’t necessarily those of Puerto Ricans at the time—probably at least in part because composer Stephen Sondheim confessed that he had never even met anyone from Puerto Rico before writing the songs for the musical.


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