What Would Dexter: New Blood Entail For The Blood Splatter Specialist

We know that Dexter: New Blood will be about paving a new future for Dexter Morgan, but there are also familiar faces from the past who will turn up. This show is ultimately a combination of multiple things, and possibly Dexter realizing further that no matter how hard he tries, he can’t quite avoid who he was back in Miami.

What Would Dexter: New Blood Entail For The Blood Splatter Specialist

Visions have long been a part of the show’s overall aesthetic. Back in the first eight seasons, the title character saw primarily his father Harry in his mind. For New Blood, we know already that he will be seeing his sister Deb (Jennifer Carpenter). It’s been confirmed already that John Lithgow will also be appearing as Trinity a.k.a. Arthur Mitchell and while we don’t know how he will turn up, it’s fair to imagine it will either be a dream sequence or some other figment of Dexter’s imagination.

So who else could be appearing in such a capacity? We have a few different ideas currently bouncing around our mind on that subject.

1. The Ice Truck Killer – This one makes a ton of sense on a few fronts. Christian Camargo has appeared on the show over the years, and we know that he has an elaborate, delicate personal tie to Dexter. A return in Dexter’s head would make some sense and would reference the show’s early days.

2. James Doakes – Sure, Doakes is not a serial killer of a past villain per se, but he was an iconic adversary to Dexter and we’d LOVE to see a cameo in some form.

3. Miguel Prado – Jimmy Smits’ role gets a little forgotten about since seasons 1, 2, and 4 are considered to be more iconic. Yet, he was a fantastic presence on the show and showed Dexter how there can be major consequences to his influence.

4. Jordan Chase – He’s probably the most unlikely, largely because the final four seasons are polarizing to many fans. Yet, we still feel like Jonny Lee Miller’s character was one of the most horrific villains on the show and shouldn’t be forgotten.

Out of these four, Doakes and the Ice Truck Killer are by far the most realistic possibilities. In the end, though, we think Dexter: New Blood will be cautious about cameos. They want this to be a new show and not just a revolving door to the past.

Who do you want to see turning up on Dexter: New Blood?

Be sure to share right now in the attached comments! Once you do just that, stick around for other updates that you don’t want to miss. 


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