What to Wear to a Data Science Interview

Looking for some basic ideas to dress up for your data science interview? Then, you have landed here rightly. Read the article to learn what is appropriate to wear on your interview day.

Navy Blue Blazer

A navy blue blazer one should always have in his wardrobe. Navy blue color is like breathing of refreshing air and soothing feels. If you are done with typical black coats, then a navy blue blazer can be your next best choice to wear to your data science interview. No doubt, it can be your worth investment in your interviewing wardrobe. You can pair it with a good quality dress shirt and a tie. You can do a lot with a navy blue blazer. It is a good piece that you can wear on multiple events like on a date, at a formal event like a wedding, official dinner, and even on fun parties or night-clubbing with your friends. So grab a navy blue blazer for yourself and get a perfect touch of professionalism or class on your day of the interview. 

Basic Dress Shirt

In today’s corporate environment, when there are fewer jobs and more candidates, the competition is tough. Your first impression is what matters the most. Despite your degree, university, and grades, there are other things like your confidence, communication skills, and your dressing sense that matters. Thus, it is suggested to dress sensibly when it comes to preparing for your data science interview. Go for basic dress shirts, don’t choose solid colors and solid patterns. Instead, prefer neutral color dress shirts over bright colors. Choose subtle and light color dress shirts like grey, blue, pastel, white, cream white, etc. Add some elegant and high-quality dress shirts in your wardrobe. Dress shirts like navy blue textured (slim fit), long sleeves classic white, and Preston can be perfect if you’re on the shorter side. Know your body type, figure, height, weight, etc. and then shop accordingly for the dress shirts.

Statement Tie

A tie is an imperative element of your outfit when it comes to dressing up for a formal event like your data science interview. Your tie collection should be a perfect mix of novelty, elegance, professionalism, and class-avoid anything that is too bright/flashy and bizarre. Choose a solid color and light printed silk tie as your statement tie. Don’t fear to experiment with unexpected color coding. For instance, when wearing a navy blue blazer and a pastel color dress shirt, then wearing your statement tie can be a good option for a formal business environment. Your statement tie can also work like heaven with a button-down sans blazer.

Chino or Dress Pant

When it comes to the bottoms, go back to the basics. Prefer pressed cotton pants, khakis, or light-colored chinos to complete your look for a data science interview. Just stick to the basic shades like grey, blue, black, and brown. Avoid wearing dress pants that come with a little bit of printings and colored jeans to your interview. Although some workplaces allow dark-colored jeans but if you are not certain about that, then go with chinos and dress pants. 


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