What Really Happened At The End Of Only Murders In The Building

Only murders in the building is available on Disney Plus! if you want to know the explanation for the end of season 1, Read more! After a long string of murders, clues, podcasts, false leads and twists, Season 1 of Only Kills in the Building comes to a conclusion that offers all the charm and novelty that fans of the series have come to expect.

As spectacular as it is, the Season 1 Finale of the Murder Mystery series doesn’t resolve all the details in the final round. To say that Charles, Oliver and Mabel are a chaotic trio would be an understatement, as they end up getting into more trouble as the first season reaches its peak.

What Really Happened At The End Of Only Murders In The Building

As a result, a few crucial questions remain unanswered and a new mystery emerges, leaving fans with a heartbreaking cliffhanger. If you’re looking for clarification on the episode’s shocking revelations, you’ve come to the right place.

Why did Jan kill Tim?

The opening scene of “Open and Shut” confirmed with a flashback what Oliver and Mabel had inferred from an earlier episode, namely that Tim Kono had a secret romance with Jan and that she was the rambunctious lover Tim’s neighbor complained that he heard all night.

Jan confessed to Tim Kono’s murder after Charles-Haden Savage confronted her and she admitted it was a crime of passion, prompted by Tim dumping her two days before “she won’t kill him.” Though Tim didn’t give her a reason, she assumed it was because he found another woman, based on finding an expensive ring in her mail. Ironically, this was the ring Tim had been trying to find to prove that his friend Oscar Torres hadn’t killed his girlfriend, Zoe Cassidy.

Who killed Rabbit?

The End of Only Murders In The Building revealed that another murder had been committed in Arconia. The victim this time was Bunny, the director of the Arconia Homeowners Association, who had spent most of the season trying to evict the trio for disrupting the peace of the building with their investigation.

Bunny was apparently stabbed with a knitting needle while wearing one of the buttoned sweatshirts Oliver made to market the podcast and had just enough time to enter Mabel’s apartment early. to die. This affair will no doubt take center stage in Season 2 of Only Murders In The Building.

What’s going on between Charles and Lucy?

Charles sends a message to Lucy, who also replies. However, the exact nature of their conversation is not revealed. Therefore, it may be too much to think that everything is fine between them, but a reunion is not out of the question. The fact that Charles texts Lucy is testament to the positive effects his friendship with Oliver and Mabel has had on her life.

Charles’ involvement in the investigation of Tim’s murder gives him a sense of clarity about the people he loves in life and sets the stage for a reunion with Lucy.

Only Murders In The Building Season 1 End Declared?

It seems clear that whoever killed Bunny wants Mabel Mora charged with murder. The fact that Bunny was wearing one of the sweatshirts Oliver Putnam sold to promote the podcast is also suspicious, as Bunny was definitely not a fan of the podcast and personally hated Oliver, trying to fire him from his podcast. apartment before he starts investigating Tim Kono’s murder and annoys the other tenants by questioning them.

This suggests that the killer might also have tried to involve Oliver. Coupled with the text specifically sent to Charles-Haden Savage, this suggests that the killer has a personal reason for ending the podcast, but they wanted to keep Savage out of it for some reason. No one knows what these clues mean, but they do promise that Season 2 will be just as full of mysteries and shocking twists as the first season was.


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