What Is A Memory Palace, And Why Should You Master This Technique?

A person with a good memory can solve many problems much faster and more efficiently. It applies not only to work but also to domestic aspects. A memory palace is an unusual but effective technique for structuring and improving memory. They began to use this in ancient Greece for the first time, but the method was forgotten and began to be revived only a few years ago. Today it is quite a popular technique that deserves your attention.

What Is The Meaning Of The Memory Palace Technique?

What is a mind palace? Sherlock Holmes fans are familiar with this technique. There is an opinion that a person can decide what information is worth remembering and what is better to throw away, what to send to long-term memory, and what should be deleted permanently.

At first glance, this seems like fiction, but it turns out that it is possible to develop such abilities in practice. So how to create a mind palace? Today, quite a few techniques promise to help you build a memory palace, but the most effective is the memoryOS application. It was developed under the guidance of two-time World Memory Champion Jonas von Essen. For a long time, he developed his technique for improving memory, and only after he mastered it on his own is he ready to share his experience.

What is a mind palace? Inside their consciousness, people build a house or castle to place the necessary information. In the future, they will be able to mark this place, get the essential data from a closet or bedside table, use it or throw it away. The mind palace technique requires a lot of patience because the construction takes a lot of time.

How To Build A Memory Palace?

How to create a mind palace? The easiest and most reliable way to build a memory castle is to use a mobile app. It has a lot of advantages, among which are:

  • Simplifies the creation of a virtual implant;
  • Some 3D models will show you what a memory palace might look like in your mind;
  • Helps retrieve needed memories;
  • Improves the ability to remember a large amount of information.

All learning takes place in a game, and a person enjoys the process, which also favorably affects the result. Interactive images, sound effects, and a thoughtful training program make building a memory castle as easy and fast as possible.

You can master the mind palace technique if you train for a few minutes a day. It is vital that training takes place in a calm environment where nothing distracts you. It would be best to be as immersed in the process as possible. A good solution is to practice before bed when your body is completely relaxed and your mind can fantasize well.

The secret to building a successful memory palace is representing a place you know well. In this case, it will be as simple as possible for you to present everything to the smallest detail, and you will not forget about any points in the future. In the end, if this space is not enough for you, you can complete it, turning it into a huge, unusual palace.

To improve the ability to remember information, training should be regular. You should pay attention to learning every day, without holidays and weekends. Practice shows that you will notice a big step back if you do not train for 1-2 days.

It is essential to understand that anyone can build a memory palace, regardless of age, employment and mindset. The main thing is to believe in training success, not miss classes, and understand why you want to improve memorization.


The memory palace is a unique technology that allows you to structure your memory as quickly as possible and even teaches you how to manage it. A person who could master this simultaneously develops both logical and creative thinking, the ability to memorize large amounts of information.

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Josh Linus
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