What Has Been The Fate Of Kenneth Choi In 9-1-1 As Rumors Suggest His Exit

Is Kenneth Choi leaving 9-1-1? Is tonight’s new episode making us ask this very question all over again?

The past few episodes of the Fox drama have certainly done a great job of creating paranoia all about the future of this character, and it’s easy to understand why. We saw Chimney leave Los Angeles recently in order to go and track down Maddie, and it feels already like we’re closer to her being found! Yet, it hasn’t happened as of yet entering this episode.

What we think the 9-1-1 producers are doing personally is setting the stage for something big to happen with Chimney and Maddie both later on down the road. There was a need to temporarily write out Jennifer Love Hewitt after she welcomed a baby; with Maddie gone, it would be unrealistic for Chimney to be sitting around and not doing what he could to find her. With that in mind, we have the origination of the story that we are seeing on the show right now.

What Has Been The Fate Of Kenneth Choi In 9-1-1 As Rumors Suggest His Exit

Unless something shocking happens over the next episode or two, we are expecting fully to see Choi down the road this season. We can’t offer up a precise return date as of yet, but there is no evidence that we’re looking at some sort of long-term exit. We’d just take a deep breath, at least for now, and enjoy some of the other stuff that 9-1-1 is bringing to the table. We believe that there’s some inventive stories that they are going to bring to the next couple of episodes! We’re also going to see a potential Halloween-themed storyline in the month of November, so hopefully people are still going to be in the mood for that.

Are you worried that Kenneth Choi could be leaving 9-1-1 in the long-term?

Be sure to let us know right now in the comments! Once you do just that, stick around to ensure you don’t miss other updates.


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