What Does Will Smith Think Is His Worst Movie Ever?

What Does Will Smith Think Is His Worst Movie Ever?

In an interview for GQ’s “Actually Me” series, actor Will Smith admitted his worst movie was 1999’s “Wild Wild West,” calling the film “a thorn in my side.” Smith continued, “To see myself in chaps … I don’t like it.” The western action-comedy starred Smith, Kevin Kline, and Salma Hayek. According to People, critics dubbed the film as a “comedy dead zone.”Kinda harsh. Smith first joined the film with high hopes in the late 90s, even turning down the lead role in “The Matrix” to do it.

“I’m not proud of it,” Smith said back in 2019 of his decision. “But … Keanu [Reeves] was perfect. Laurence Fishburne was perfect. So I probably would have messed ‘The Matrix’ up. I would have ruined it, so I did y’all a favor.” As for what Smith would tell his younger self? “A–hole, why didn’t you do ‘The Matrix?'”

Despite the negative reviews for “Wild Wild West,” the film did go on to gross about $220 million. Smith himself is estimated to be worth $350 million.


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