What Did The Secret Service Really Call Melania Trump?

What Did The Secret Service Really Call Melania Trump?

In her 352-page book, Stephanie Grisham reveals that the secret service nicknamed Melania Trump “Rapunzel.” This name was given to Melania because she rarely left the White House, which Grisham describes as “her tower,” as reported by People. Per another report by The Washington Post, agents requested assignments that involved protecting Melania, as it was an easy task because she rarely ventured outside the White House. The book also reveals that Melania would spend time working on her photo albums when not with her family. According to People, Grisham labeled the photo albums as Melania’s “two children.” Grisham also wrote that Melania was working on a rug photoshoot during the riot in the U.S. Capitol. 

Per People, the book combines several memoirs by other White House staffers. Many of these aids of the former president describe his administration as dysfunctional and chaotic. But there are critiques of the book, too. “As usual, [Grisham] doesn’t tell the whole story. She is publishing a text with her own twist and mistruths,” a source told People.

According to the outlet, the book carries the subtitle “What I Saw in the Trump White House” and includes several accounts that have “never been heard.” Considering the disapproval around Trump’s presidency, it could see many buyers eager to get acquainted with the unheard White House secrets.


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