What are the most popular casino games?

Playing casino games has long been something people around the world have loved to do. This can be seen from the popularity of the earliest European casinos to those that sprang up in the Wild West of North America and the luxurious casino resorts you can visit today. Of course, online casinos are now all the rage and often the go-to choice for people who want to relax after a busy day.

While there are many factors behind the success of casinos, it is the games themselves that remain key. Without fun games to play, after all, no one would bother! This sees the modern casino player enjoy access to a huge range of games that offer the perfect way to fill their spare time. Despite there being a wide choice of games now, some remain more popular than others. This results in the same well-loved games being played by casino fans around the planet and attracting legions of fans.

But which are the most popular casino games to try out?


Whether you play at the SkyCity online casino or elsewhere, slots will be featured heavily. This is no mere coincidence and is purely down to the popularity of slots with casino players. Most iGaming sites will carry thousands of slots from top names such as Microgaming and NetEnt, for example – but why do people love them so much?

To begin with, slot games are very easy to understand and you can pick them up without needing to learn any complex rules first. In addition, slots are fast-paced and lots of fun. When you also add in the potential they have for big wins (particularly jackpot games), the range of interesting themes they are based on and the awesome graphics/sound FX, it is clear why this type of casino game is popular.


Although catching the latest entertainment news (such as Benedict Cumberbatch’s comments about Doctor Strange 2) is always fun, casino games such as blackjack have a magical appeal. This is a game with a long history and one that finds as much favor with online players as it does in land-based casinos.

With the advent of live blackjack games and cool new online variants of the game, blackjack has managed to move with the times to stay fresh. Blackjack still retains its core appeal of being simple to learn, exciting to play and with an element of strategy to its gameplay. This stops it being a game of pure luck and one that players actually have a chance of influencing.


From a game of skill and strategy, we move to a game that is based on pure chance – roulette. This does not seem to dim its long-standing appeal, though, and roulette remains as popular as ever in casinos. But why do people flock to a game where they have no influence on which number comes up?

For many people, this lack of involvement and easy to understand rules is the major attraction. If you just want some easy casino-based fun after a hard day, roulette’s simplicity is a big selling point. Even watching the ball spin around the wheel can seem strangely relaxing after a while! Roulette also offers decent odds on certain bets (like 35/1 for correctly picking which number will come up), which is appealing to fans.


Of course, you have to mention poker when it comes to the most popular casino games around. It is the top of the pile for many and attracts hordes of players. Many believe it is the game that kicked off the online casino boom and helped bring people into iGaming casinos. A big reason for poker’s continued popularity is the sheer number of versions to play – from Texas Hold’em to Omaha, there is bound to be one you fall in love with.

This choice also means you can easily find another version to try, should you get bored with the usual. Poker also involves strategic gameplay and lots of drama, and sees you pit your wits against other players. This is something many casino fans value and means they choose to play poker as a result.

Most popular casino games to enjoy

The above is a quick roundup of the most popular casino games to play around the world. While others like craps or baccarat might also have a loyal following, those we have looked at remain the games that people turn to time and again. When you delve into what makes each game special, it is easy to see why.

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