What Are 12V Inverters? Here’s A Comprehensive Guide That Tells You All

Home inverters are rated in Volt-Ampere and Volt. The VA (or Volt Ampere) represents the inverter capacity and it is a measure of the power that an inverter can deliver. Similarly, Volt represents the number of batteries that are used in an inverter. Usually, reputable inverter companies such as Luminous India are rated as 12V, 24V, 36V, and 48V. A 12V inverter means the inverter has 1 battery of 12V. Similarly, a 24V inverter means the inverter uses 2 batteries of 12V each. Most Indian households require a 12V battery as it is enough to run a 600 to 1400 VA inverter for 2 to 3 hours.

1. Icon Series

What Are 12V Inverters? Here's A Comprehensive Guide That Tells You All

This next-gen inverter series is one of the latest series introduced by Luminous India. The inverter recently received the Golden Star award for being the best product of the year and for its innovative product design. Just like the Regalia series inverters, the Icon series inverters come with an integrated battery that is housed in a beautiful pearl white-colored battery enclosure. The inverter supports fast battery chagrin even at low voltages. It is an ideal inverter for a home with children as it has no open wires which makes it a safe option.

2. Zelio Series

What Are 12V Inverters? Here's A Comprehensive Guide That Tells You All

Powered by a 32-bit processor, the Zelio is one of India’s most intelligent 12V inverters. We call it smart because the inverter comes with an adaptive learning capability that not only optimally charges the battery but also intelligently calculates the backup and charging time. The Zelio Wifi which is an advanced version of the Zelio is a WiFi-enabled inverter that lets you connect your phone to the inverter so that you can monitor the remaining backup time, charging time, battery health cut-off time, and more. The inverter also comes with state-of-the-art features such as a sleek smart display. Last but important, the Zelio is a low maintenance inverter that allows hassle-free battery maintenance.

3. Eco Watt & Eco Watt Neo Series

What Are 12V Inverters? Here's A Comprehensive Guide That Tells You All

If you are looking for an inverter that delivers superior performance with low energy consumption then you can consider bringing home the Eco-Watt and Eco-Watt Neo Series. The Eco Watt inverters come with advanced PCB programming, microprocessor, and FSW transformer that make them one of the most preferred choices of inverter buyers. The best thing about these inverters is that they can take on a high load with minimal power consumption. And that’s not all, you would be happy to know that these are some of the most economical inverters from Luminous India.

4. Shakti Charge Series

What Are 12V Inverters? Here's A Comprehensive Guide That Tells You All

For those living in low voltage areas, the Shakti Charge Series inverters are a good buying option. That’s because these inverters are equipped with a heavy-duty charger that allows charging at very low voltages. Also, as these are fast charging inverters they are perfect for areas where there are long and frequent power cuts that do not leave a substantial charging time between two power cuts. They are best for rural and semi-urban areas.

Last Few Words

Whether you buy from Luminous India or any other inverter brand, just make sure it has been in the power solutions space for a good number of years and has earned the trust of its customers. Go online and read the online reviews to find out what the company’s existing customers have to say about it. As far as Luminous India is concerned, it is a 3-decade old company with a presence in 36+ countries and a customer base of 70 million-plus satisfied customers.

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