Wentworth Season 9 Release Date and Episodes Info

Following a power shuffle within the prison premises, ‘Wentworth’ has always kept fans at the edge pondering over what would happen next. The prison drama series had a good run of eight seasons which saw much change in lead characters.

With the last episode of season 8 premiered on September 2020, here’s the latest info on the future of ‘Wentworth.’

Wentworth Season 9 Release Date and Episodes Info

Wentworth Season 9 Release Date

It has been reported that Season 9 finished filming late last year. So the good news is that fans have sit tight and wait for the season to be released. However, there has been no official date for the release of ‘Wentworth’ Season 9.

Following the events of earlier seasons, fans can expect Season 9 to release in Australia sometime after June or July. This would mean that the prison drama series will be available for streaming on Netflix in August or September 2021.

Will there be a Wentworth Season 10?

The production unit has officially announced that Season 9 will be the series finale and that there won’t is any further additions to the series. So this puts ‘Wentworth’ fans in a spot that the ninth season will be the last time they get to see their favorite prison girls.

Wentworth Season 9 Episodes

Being the season finale, ‘Wentworth’ season 9 is set to feature ten nail-biting episodes. With each episode having a run time of around 50 minutes, there won’t be any shortage in content for fans.


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