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Wells Fargo Dealer Services: Wells Fargo & Company is an American financial service company based primarily in the USA and operating in many other countries. Wells Fargo is notable for being one of the big four banks in the United States, alongside JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, and Citigroup.

Wells Fargo is well known for its small business and commercial banking solutions while providing various personal banking and wealth management services.

For dealers looking to avail themselves of the Wells Fargo Dealer Services, below is a comprehensive guide showing how to navigate the portal, everything required before the start, more details about the e-services, and more in-depth information.

Information also explains the benefits and possibilities that users can get their hands on once they are registered to the online services. So feel free to be led through step by step on how to access and manage your accounts to make your dealer services experience a bit easier.


  • Users would require a Desktop, Laptop, or smartphone to access the Website.
  • A stable and active internet connection for an uninterrupted process.
  • Users would require their Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN).
  • Users would require an ATM/Debit card, Account, or Loan number.
  • Users would require an email id as it is used for enrolling in Wells Fargo Online.
  • Users would require a Username and Password post-enrolling to access and manage their accounts.

How to enroll in Wells Fargo Online?

Before signing on to Wells Fargo dealer services, new users enroll for Wells Fargo Online to access further online services.

Here are the steps to enroll in Wells Fargo Online:

  • First, enter the Wells Fargo website, where the ‘enroll’ option can be found at the top.
  • Alternatively, users can access the ‘enroll’ page directly through enroll link here.

Wells Fargo Dealer Services

  • Once on the enroll page, change the language according to your preference.
  • To get started, enter the details requested. (SSN/ITIN, ATM/Debit card/Account/Loan number)
  • Click ‘Continue.’
  • Following that, select the right security question and provide appropriate answers for those questions. (Take note of the questions and answers as they might be required for future references)
  • Finally, sign the ESIGN consent and click continue.

These steps will conclude the registration and enrollment into Wells Fargo Online. After this, users will have to give a Username and Password. These details are essential for the next step.

How to sign on to Wells Fargo?

Once registration is done, dealers can access their accounts by signing on to access their accounts for Dealer Auto e-services. Here’s how:

  • Users can access the login page, which can be found on the homepage or through thislink.
  • Enter the Username and Password, which were generated after the registration.
  • Do take note that the Username and Password are both Cases Sensitive.
  • Click ‘sign on.’

wells fargo login

How to reset your Wells Forgo Password and Username?

If you find yourself on the login page and can’t remember your Password or Username, there is no need to fret, as there are ways to recover those details. Here’s how:

  • Forgot your Password?
    • Click on ‘Create a new password.
    • There will be two options. Please enter your username, which you use to sign on to your Wells Fargo Online accounts, or your SSN/ITIN. (Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number)
    • Click on ‘Continue.’
  • Forgot your username?
    • Click on ‘find your username.’
    • Enter SSN/ITIN (Social Security Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number).
    • Enter your password. If you forgot your password, there is an option below that allows you to reset your password. Follow the steps to reset your password as given above.
    • Click on ‘Continue.’

If there are any questions about username and password access, enrollment, signing on, and related online service accesses, users can call Wells Fargo Online at 1-800-956-4442. In addition, the line is available for contact throughout the year for assistance.

wells fargo dealer services

Benefits of Wells Fargo Dealer Services

  • Users can pay for dealer services through e-services (Website or App), phone calls, email, or in-person. This allows easy facilitation of payment processes and ensures the process is on track to avoid delays or mispayments.
  • Wells Fargo Dealer Services provide credit services where the necessary capital for the auto dealership’s needs is met. Some financial solutions include real estate, floor plans, acquisitions/mergers, office equipment management, etc.
  • They also provide a range of Deposit and Treasury Management solutions where the financial and banking requirements of the dealership are analyzed, and an efficient layout plan is provided.
  • An Interest Rate Risk Management service also helps dealerships develop an interest rate that suits their financial strategy.
  • Their Retail-Auto Financing helps to smooth out the process involved in auto financing. It involves dealers receiving customer credit rate tiers, customer financing options, and application tracking.
  • Users enjoy the benefit of availing skip payments for three months for those needing a time extension. They can also apply for an extension through their Account by accessing the Wells Fargo Online Service portal.
  • Wells Fargo also allows its clients a beneficial one-time due date change throughout their loan period. However, this has to be done 15 days before the due date.

Contact and Working Hours of Wells Fargo Dealer Services

For all details regarding Auto Dealership services or many more, users can contact Wells Fargo at 1-888-937-9997.

Monday to Friday: 0700 to 2100 (Central Time) Saturday: 0700 to 0530 (Central Time)

Contact via :

Many have found the Wells Fargo Dealer Services to be beneficiaries with minimal hassle. The loan accounts are managed and facilitated, leaving dealers with a bit less to worry about. And the interest rates are calculated best suited for the company’s financial strategy, such as a balance between customers and dealers.

This guide provides detailed information regarding Wells Fargo Dealer Services tailored for easy understanding and movement across the portal while accessing their e-services.


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